What type of cars does Highland School of Motoring operate?

We have manual and automatic vehicles. Manual is a 2017 Toyota Corolla Sport Hatch and the automatic is a 2018 Mazda 3, SP25 GT Hatch. They have dual controls enabling us to assist with your fast learning and safety if required. They are also fitted with a dash cam front and rear for safety and training.

Is it possible to use my own vehicle to learn in with an Instructor?

Yes, it is possible to do all of your training in your own vehicle (The vehicle MUST be in a roadworthy condition). It is preferable that you drive a vehicle that you are more comfortable with. The cost per lesson in your own vehicle will be less expensive. Give us a call today.

Do I need any experience before booking a lesson?

No you don’t. Some people come to us, having had a few lessons from family and/or friends, although most have no experience what so ever. However, it’s better to use an accredited driving instructor to ensure you don’t pick up someone else’s poor or out dated driving habits. Additionally you will learn the current (up to Date) road rules and safe and economic driving techniques.

How many lessons will I need?

There is no definite answer for this. This will depend on how much experience you bring to your first lesson, your confidence level, ability, and how quickly you learn. In most cases, all this can be covered within the 10 hours mandatory professional training required.

Queensland learner drivers must complete 100 hours of driving experience including 10 hours of night driving (which is to be completed using a logbook). Using an accredited driver trainer such as Highland School of Motoring, 1 hour is counted as triple time, which means 1 hour = 3 hours in your logbook (Daylight hours only).

When can I take my lessons?

Pending availability, lessons can be taken from 6:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday, 7:00am – 7:00pm Saturday, and 7:00am to 12:00pm Sunday. Even if it’s raining.

Can the pickup and drop off locations be different?

Yes, Highland School of Motoring provides a door-to-door, pickup and drop off service for all lessons. We will pick you up and/or drop you off from any agreed upon location. Areas outside our operating area are by arrangement only and maybe at extra cost.

How can I pay for my driving lessons?

Payment can be made by cash, Direct Deposit or Eftpos. Payment for lessons should either be prepaid or at the commencement of each lesson. Eftpos payments will attract a $1.00 surcharge.

What if I have to cancel a lesson?

We would appreciate it if you could let us know with at least 24 hours’ notice otherwise a cancellation charge will be incurred. Refer to the Terms and Conditions on our website for the full cancellation policy.

How can I get a Learners Licence?

Go to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Customer Service Centre and pass a written test.

Further information from the TMR regarding a Learner's Licence >>

Where can I book for my Driving Test?

Driving tests can be booked online with the TMR. If you wish to have a driving lesson before your practical driving test, please contact us to arrange a time that would suit you and our instructors.

Please note that we provide training ONLY. All testing is done through the Qld TMR.

Further information on booking for Driving Tests >>

What  happens if I fail my driving test?

People fail tests all the time and sometimes it’s just nerves. Just book in for another test for an available time that suits you, and a soon as possible.

Can I convert from an Overseas Drivers Licence?

Depending on which country you are from, there are different rules to consider when you are converting from an overseas drivers licence to a Queensland driver’s licence. Licences from some countries only require a theory test, where other countries have to do both a theory and practical exam.

More information on overseas conversions >>

Can parents/supervisors come with me on my driving lessons?

Yes, they can and in fact we encourage that they come along to at least one driving lesson and there is no additional cost for parents/supervisors to attend the driving lesson/s.

Firstly make sure that your learner is happy for you to be there. Some learners feel more comfortable without their parents/supervisors in the car and then they attend future lessons.
When parents/supervisors come along to the lesson, the lesson is conducted as normal. Most parents/supervisors find that they actually get something out of the lesson and pick up new ideas, techniques or information. By both learning the correct skills and techniques from the beginning, no new bad habits are formed. so what better way to learn some great techniques and new ways of being able to train and support your learner and make the process a little less stressful for both of you.

Where can I find more information to assist with driving and licensing?

We recommend you view the following sites:

Dept. of Transport & Main Roads - http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Licensing

Join the Drive - https://jointhedrive.qld.gov.au/

Australian Drivers Training Association Qld - http://adtaqld.com/

Keys2drive - https://www.keys2drive.com.au/ 

Where are the Terms and Conditions?

Our full Terms and Conditions may be viewed here.

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