At Highland School of Motoring Driving School we guarantee you a high standard of training at competitive prices.Norm is blue card and industry accredited, and very patient and experienced. He is very professionals in helping you to feel safe and comfortable. Norm will support you with your driver training and education at your own pace in a way you are happy with until you ready to take your test.

At Highland School of Motoring Driving School you can be sure that you will get value for money. We don’t believe in drawing out the training process and wasting your time and money. Instead, we will ensure you know everything you need to know but will teach you in the most time-efficient manner, meaning you will save money in the long term by learning with us.

  • Norm is an accredited driver trainer and professional instructor for over 25 years with a current Blue Card.
  • Very experienced in teaching safe & defensive driving skills, Norm has great knowledge and relates easily with people of all ages. He knows how to get the best out of you on test day!

We look forward to working with you so give us a call today and book your first lesson.

Norm is also an accredited Keys 2 Drive instructor and a current member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association. We service the Darling Downs, Greater Toowoomba region. 

5 Star Rating


Thanks Norm for your practical and no fuss driving lessons. Your down to earth manner made me feel comfortable and you explained things well.

Adam Moore

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